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Low Level Aviation Photographs

By Alan Chadwick

Harrier GR9/9A

Fixed wing VSTOL (vertical or short take off and landing) aircraft used by both the RAF and Royal Navy. Sadly withdrawn as a results of the Defence Review at the end of 2010, these are from my first visits to the Loop.

harrier-001 harrier-002 harrier-003 harrier-004 harrier-005 harrier-006 harrier-007 harrier-008 harrier-009 harrier-010 harrier-011 harrier-012 harrier-013 harrier-014 harrier-015 harrier-016 harrier-017 harrier-018 harrier-019 harrier-020 harrier-021 harrier-022 harrier-023 gallery flash lightboxby VisualLightBox.com v6.1

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